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Embroidered Polo Shirts

Create a professional look for your business and promote your organization, institution, team, or event. Embroidered shirts are a great way to show them who you are. We can help you look professional and stylish without spending a lot of money. We offer a great variety of quality shirts and polos at very affordable prices.


Why order Custom Shirt Embroidery from us?


  • We are  embroidery experts with more than 20 years working in the embroidery industry.
  • We take great pride in our work.
  • We are super quality conscious.
  • We are all about great service.
  • We provide you with samples.
  • We work with you to make sure we exceed your expectations
  • We are punctual.
  • We are a local embroidery company located in South Palm Beach County. We do all of the work at our facilities in Boynton Beach.
  • We have flexible production and can accommodate a large variety of orders.
  • We only use high quality threats.
  • Our prices are very competitive. We offer free estimates.
  • We offer several lines to accommodate your budget.
  • We offer you the option of supplying your own shirts or polos to embroider or purchasing them from us.
  • We also have a large collection of embroidered designs that can be customized to suite your needs.
  • We can also help you to design your own artwork.

The Embroidery Process

Step I: We will discuss your needs, preferences, volume and schedule and provide you with a quote. We will review all of the detail with you and answer any question you may have.

Please check out our pricing page for embroidery prices information.

We will need a logo or artwork to estimate the cost of your order. If you don't have a design we can help you create one. If your artwork is not in a digital format we can digitalize it for you. Modifications to the design, color, and size are usually free.

Please check out our embroidery design page for additional information.

We can embroider a variety of different articles with the same design. We often embroider the same design on hats and bags in addition to polo shirts. We can also change the size of the design to fit smaller or larger areas.

Step II: Once you approve our quote we will provide you a sewn-out embroidered sample for your review and approval prior to production. Changes to the design, colors, and size are usually free of charge.

We can use different thread colors on articles of different colors at no additional charge, for example we can substitute light / dark colors on dark/ light articles.

Step III: Once you approve the samples  we embroider your shirts  You can  provide your own polos or we can help you choose from our large selection of shirts and polos We offer many name brands, styles, and fabrics.  We carry different lines to accommodate all budgets.

Step IV: When the embroidery is completed we can deliver your order locally for free. If you are further away, we will gladly ship your orders. We can also drop-ship your orders.

Step V: We want you to be completely satisfied so we will follow-up with you. We want to exeed your expectations so you to come back and refer us!


Check out samples of Embroidered Shirts & Polo Shirts at our embroidery gallery

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