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Screen Printing

Screen printing on T-shirts is the most cost effective way of decorating a garment and promoting yourself. The set-up cost is quickly amortized over the number of T-shirts. Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a screen with open areas containing your designs on a silk mesh that transfers ink onto the apparel. The ink is applied to the T-shirts through the open areas of the silk stencil directly onto the fabric.

Customized screen printing involves separating each color in the design and then printing each one as a separate layer.  The ink is pressed through the screen and this process is repeated for each different color in the design. Additional colors add to the cost, as more screens are required and more color applications are also needed. We strongly suggest minimum quantities of 24 T-shirts for single color prints and increase the quantity minimums by 12 units for every additional color. This formula allows spreading the set-up costs.


Custom Screen printing produces very high quality prints. Screen printed apparels wash well and are very durable. T-shirts can be printed on one or two sides of the garment. Sleeves can also be printed. Screen-printing is ideal for larger quantities and is very cost effective as the order volume increases.

Whether you require t-shirts or any other items printed with your company logos, event promotion, text, or artwork, we can satisfy your needs.

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