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Embroidery Prices

Our pricing is very competitive as all our embroidery production is done at our premises in Boynton Beach, FL USA with no middleman involved. We have a variety of machines so we can accommodate a large variety of orders. Nothing gets farmed out overseas.

We generally ask for minimum order quantities of 10 units but we will consider smaller orders. We gladly supply even single units to previous customers on previously ordered designs. Like all manufacturing, the costs decrease as the volume (number of pieces) increase. We offer price breaks at 50+ units and again at 100+ units and 500+ units.We offer special pricing for wholesale embroidery orders.

Determining the cost of a custom embroidery job will vary with each order because every design or logo is different from the other.

Pricing is also dependent upon the amount of time it takes a design to sew-out. The larger and more complicated designs have more stitches and colors changes and therefore, take longer to produce than a simple name design. We can easily estimate the number of stitches and provide you a quote by simply looking at your artwork or logo.

There is a set-up charge to make your design ready for embroidery except for repeat orders.

Once your design has been converted into an embroidered design, there are no more set-up charges. You can re-order the same design over long periods without a set-up charge. You can also re-order single units of a previously produced design. We keep careful records of your design as well as the thread colors, articles embroidered, and other details so you can re-order with a simple call or e-mail.

We offer fast turnaround times and free delivery to locations in South Palm Beach County. If you are further away, we will gladly ship your orders. We can also drop-ship your orders.

We accept almost all forms of payment, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

We guarantee that you will be happy with your order. We want to keep you 110% satisfied so you'll do business with us again and again.

Please call or email us for a free estimate and price on your embroidered products.