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Embroidery Designs

We have a large collection of embroidered designs and embroidery patterns that can be customized to suite your needs. We also have a large selection of lettering fonts for your monogramming needs. We can easily add lettering to any design to personalize it.

If you already have a company logo or your own design we can create an embroidered design from your artwork. If you don’t have a logo or design, don’t worry. We can also help you create a great logo or artwork for your company, product, gift, or event.

Customized embroidery starts with a logo or artwork. We can use almost any graphic format such as a JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PDF, and more. We can also scan your artwork or logo to digitize the image. We generate the stitches from the digital image using special software and output it in a special format (DST file) that is used in commercial embroidery machines. We carefully select different stitch types, stitch angles, thread colors, and stitch sequences to complement and highlight your logo.

We recommend avoiding small lettering. You want others to see your embroidered design without a magnifying glass. Furthermore, thread has a thickness and even very small stitches can distort a small letter and render it illegible. We recommend a minimum ¼ inch height for letters.

We sew-out samples of the embroidered design for your review and approval prior to production. We stock a large variety of thread colors to make your logo or artwork come to life.

Modifications to the design, color, and size are usually free. We want you to be completely satisfied and we provide that extra level of service because we want you to come back and send us referrals.